I Dress Myself Up When Mad

Not so girly, yet I dress up myself. Without any occasion or anyone else to see. Just me, my stuff and my mirror. I pamper myself when no one else can. Just to make me feel special.
I know it is kind of weird. People usually try to look nice when they are happy or excited. And loose that excitement when feel low. In lack of that energy and confidence to live life completely and in lack of remembering their uniqueness.
I am a bit reverse. When I am not feeling good I cheer myself up by pampering my body.
Usually, not giving much heed to self pampering or dressing up like a queen or even applying a mascara. I tend to dress up more and more when I need to tell myself that I am an important person too. That I do matter. That I can too look good. That good enough that I can swoon over my own features. That I can see myself in the mirror and tell how beautiful I look.

When i apply eye liner

I start up with a good nail paint. Just painting my nails beautifully with  colours, various colours, lively colours. Then some eyeliner to give my eyes that lively shine. I make my hair. Trying different types of hairstyle. A beautiful dress that can compliment my personality. Not much girly but the one that make me feel special. A good pair of shoes are just icing on the cake. And I am ready. Ready to face the world and it’s challenges. With a smile. With lots of confidence. Forgetting all my past mistakes and failures.

And here I go. Beautifully walking with a smile to get what I want in all that grace and confidence.


22 thoughts on “I Dress Myself Up When Mad

      1. Thank God you’re not one of them. I’m relieved now. 😁
        Yes yes, eventually you’ll have to learn/do this, so why not start right now. It is a great start. You look great. I mean your eyes. 😜

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  1. Wow Rakshanda… That’s a great view of yours.. I also have observed when happy people want to look good.. And nail paint is awesome..A great way to boost up the confidence when in an bad mood is to divert our mind.. And dressing up and make up is the best for girls.. My sister is no different. But she applies Kajal very often on the lower part of the eye. Have a great weekend.. Do biology students have weekends?? Lol.. Have a great weekend anyway.. πŸ™‚

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  2. I liked your post… That nail color is really good.. Is it the Maybelline’s ‘Flash of Color’?
    I truly feel dressing up makes one feel better about themselves… I have this ritual before delivering a presentation to the public, I make sure to wear a good lip colorπŸ˜‚.. I feel if my lips look good, my speech will also improve!πŸ˜‚ stupid, but works always!


  3. Nice Nail color! And I love the way you have done your eyes πŸ™‚ I guess everyone should know themselves better the way you do. How to lift oneself up when one feels low. For some it is pampering themselves, for others a walk or a ride, for some sitcoms etc. I think this is perfectly normal or in fact better! You don’t just leave yourself were you fell. Nice post. Made me think.

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