Need just a human touch

You are a human. You need humans. Humans full of empathy. If not humans, a single human will also do. Just one of them.
The one who is there for you.
The one who knows that just a few words can heel you.
The one who knows you.
The one with whom you can share your happiness, your pain, your success, your failure.
The one who can bring smile on your face.
The one who respect the way you are.
The one who wants to be with you.
The one who will never leave your side. No matter what.
The one who despite of all the misunderstandings and fights, believe in your relationship.
The one with the human touch.


29 thoughts on “Need just a human touch

  1. Nice thought and so true, it only takes one person to provide that spark to you. It is the closest thing to magic that I have ever experienced. I wish that I paid more attention when it was happening. Thanks for the good thoughts today. πŸ™‚

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