This blog is about giving VOICE TO MY DREAMS. I am Rakshanda, who lives in a traditional and big Indian family. In this blog i will share my views and will also help you to know a bit about Indian teenagers, their lives, their aspirations and their hidden talents. Many times this blog will be my personal diary with whom i will share some of my precious moments. Anyone who wants is free to give VOICE TO THEIR DREAMS in this blog, everyone who wants a platform to share their ideas are welcome. I would love to have fellow dreamers on OUR blog.

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I am an Indian teenager living in a big , conservative brahmin family. I aspire to become a scientist and a writer but amidst the festivity and relatives it becomes a bit difficult to concentrate yet I am determined to achieve my goal. I want to make a change in this world just like my other teen mates.
I am a passionate writer and a voracious reader. I live in my own fantasy world and love to imagine. Being talkative sometimes make it difficult for me but I never cease cause it helps me to be what I am without any dual personalities. I am sensitive but as strong as a rock when it comes to my family and friends. I enjoy everything I do and want to experience life with all it’s flavors. I am a traveler but waiting for my own salary to unleash the world. People say I have leadership qualities but I personally feel I have a long way to go. There is nothing in this world that doesnot thrills me. I am very good at making friends and best at keeping friendship if you succeed in winning my trust . My weak point is fashion but it is for sure that once I earn I will ace this field too cause i believe it is only your hard earned money which can give you your best purchasing experience. I am a die heart follower of A P J Abdul Kalam. Humans and human relations are on the top of my priority list. My ultimate goal is to die as a better human than what I am now.


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  1. Thanks for the follow. I write, generally, for LBGT Rights because people deserve to be treated like humans. I write specifically for Z because, well, it’s Z. I know her and want to make the world better for her. It IS personal because that’s the only way it can be. Nice blog, too.

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    1. I too support LBGT community because they are humans too and surely they deserve to be treated well. Happy that you took this cause. All the best. If you need any help I am there. Nice blog πŸ™‚


  2. Hi dear
    It is so good to meet you. Happy to see someone with such good thoughts and the one following her dreams despite the obstacles. I wish you all the very best. ~xo

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