Dissection Days Of Medical School


Getting into a medical college is a dream come true. But how this dream genuinely turns out to be is a whole different story. And stories are meant to be said and to be heard. 

Freshman year can be both tiring and exciting. The day your selection into this profession is announced you already feel  like a doctor. With overnight increase in your status in society, life seems to be what you dreamt of. Amongst the celebrations and laughs you forget that the life itself is waiting eagerly to laugh on your situations very soon for a quite large number of years.(I can hear the fierce laughs in the background. Teasing and mocking our helplessness)

Joyously, you start your journey to become a person next to God while going through hell (it’s not hell for sure but dramatising everything is my forteπŸ˜‰). The best part of freshman year is the dissection lab. Where in the first time in your life you see a human. A dead human.(those noble souls who donate their parts so that the other living ones can get a better opportunity to live). You see human in his raw form. It is so exciting for a medical student to cut the skin and gradually move deeper into the body, feeling every bit of it, layer by layer. The yellow fat, those arteries and veins, those nerves and those bones. Those bare bones.

However, a picture with god’s artwork is mandatory for every single student. A thing to be proud of for many generations to come and to show off to your friends in different colleges and to those relatives who were too jealous to be never so happy  for your selection in the first place. Not a single soul in our D hall misses this opportunity( I shall not forget to mention how we are restricted to use phones and click pictures inside the dissection hall, but the flashes are too often seen and the shutter voice is more often than not heard- certainly our new found trait of dismissing every single order.). With the strong smell of formalin, we count how many of us embraces the mother earth, nauseating and totally unconscious. With this time our batch giving more male formalin targets, a sense of pride can be seen in every female eyes. That how this misogynistic society has took us wrong and how our journey to prove ourselves has begun.

Day by day with increased instances of people bunking the class, getting punishments, made fun of in front of  the whole class and yet laughing on their situation amazes me. I am more sort of teacher fearing girl. Or I must say norms fearing girl. Going according to the rules and too sensitive to handle such things. A single act of sending me out of the class along with other students for launghing too loud in the class, made me sob and sulk for the entire day. I guess I will take some time to adjust but eventually I will get along with this bunking and punishment stuff. 

Studying is still the most difficult thing to do. On one hand where our course require us to study every day and mug a very good amount of facts, we still find it difficult to maintain pace with the running course. And today i want to tell the world that we medical students, also use fb and Instagram. Waste ample amount of time  showing off our selection by posting those white coats highlighting pictures. And letting our precious time squander.

Still we work harder than any other college students. We study more. Because we are in the noblest profession. Dealing directly with the lives of people. Which makes us more accountable and responsible. That makes us who we are. Starting right from the dissection days to curing live patients.


21 thoughts on “Dissection Days Of Medical School

  1. Oh I know what you mean 😌 I am a med student myself currently in yr 4. This is an ophthalmic case series I just started if you want to check it outhttps://paulchronicles.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/ophthalmology-series-case-1/

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  2. You have such a flair for writing! I hope you’ll be in that category of doctor-bloggers (I know quite a few) in the future. Loved your narration of the experiences of the dissection hall. I’ve heard such stories and some more dreadful ones from my cousin who is a doctor now. Wish you all the best with your studies, Rakshanda… πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much Maniparna 😊. I just hope amidst my studies and vast course, I do get time for my reading and writing habits. I am looking forward to become one of those doctor bloggersπŸ˜‰. Thanks for stopping by and reading my stuff.

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  3. I’m so glad to hear you got into med school. You wanted it so much!! I hope you become a very good doctor and do good for people, we need doctors like that, just don’t fall into the money making trap of big hospitals which a lot of doctors succumb to!!
    Lots of love and best wishes, you deserved it after all thd hard work☺☺

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