So excited. It’s my third award. Atleast somethings are going right. I want to thank creative crafts diy. She is incredible. Just checking out her blog

1. Select 10 other blogs you want to give the award to.
2. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
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How I started my blog-
I always loved writing. Fb was my place to publish. And I loved the feedback I got. One day one of my teacher suggested me to write a blog, as he saw potential writer in me. I thought that is something cool and started searching on net how to write a blog. Eventually I got to know about it and finally wrote my first blog THE BEGINNING.
I feel so happy that I took the decision to write a blog and I thanks my teacher who gave me the idea.

All the new bloggers just stick to what your heart says and always appreciate your and other’s talent. We all are unique and talented.

I nominate these bloggers-
ashok bhatia
just a small town girl
simran lakhina
vikas chandra
gurleen sawhney
rushil vyas
luz natalia




Many thanks ABHIJIT for nominating me for the Future Challenge.

Here are the rules…

Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

Thank you Abhijit for your nomination.

Link back to the challenge creator, Dreams and movie screens so they can track your progress.
I don’t have the link of the Challenge creator.
Share 5 things about your future( any five things about your future ). Then one day you can look back and find out how psychic you really are.
 I am really excited to write this. This is like going Back to the future 😉.
1. Short term goals..
To be happy. To reach 1000 followers on my blog. To know what i really want to become in future.

2. Travel..
firstly i want to go to DISNEYLAND. It is my childhood dream and then every place in this universe.

3. Long Term goals
I  want to become a scientist, an asset to the society, a social worker, a writer and want to make my parents happy and proud
4. Ultimate Future Goal
My ultimate future goal is to do a breakthrough research and to write my autobiography.
5. Unleashing crazy thoughts
 To become a fairy and prime minister of INDIA and then punish every guilty soul with my superpowers and make this world sin free.
Here are my Nominations…

My first Liebster award


Do you know what is ray of hope? It is getting a liebster award when you think you are useless as an old newspaper.
A month ago  when i failed one of my competitive exams and wrote an article to alleviate my pain. just after a few moments i saw this comment in my comment box from my WordPress friend chiruhr saying that i have been nominated for the liebster award. that moment i realized that i too exist for something and i too have a worth. i was on cloud nine. since my exams were on the go i postponed writing this article for a while. and now i am ready to give my full attention to my blog and my fellow bloggers.
Here are a few things about me-
1. I am an indian teenager in her last teen year and i am giving myriads of exams to become a doctor.
2. truely speaking i want to become a scientist and a social worker. Going into medical is my decision to make my parents happy.
3. I love music, writing, reading etc. etc. in short i love doing everything.
4. I have a younger sister and i love her more than anything else.
5. In my school days i was ridiculously active and part of the student counsel. i was once red house captain, the next year vice headgirl and in my last year science president.
6. Being an indian girl can be sometimes tough but the people i love the most give me the strength to smile on the face of all the problems
7.i am very emotional and crave for honest relations.
8.A P J Abdul kalam sir is my idol.
9. at last i have found my perfect teacher about whom i will be writing in my next posts.
10. i am very good at making friends.
11. and i desperately want to get in shape. I have put on enormous amount of weight during my intense studying months.

Here are the answers to the questions asked by him. So excited to answer them-
1. Why Blogging? How did you land up here?
I have always loved writing and wrote many articles on my fb wall. Then one of my teachers suggested that i should write a blog cause he was very impressed by my way of writing. After that day writing a blog was the only thing permanent in my mind. And eventually i landed up writing it.

2. What is the brightest and darkest moments of your life?
my brightest moment was when i realized that i can write.
my darkest moment was the day when someone accused my of stealing something. as i am very timid even the thought of being accused make me feel sick.

3. What is the one weakness you have, you are unable to remove from your life?
i cry very easily and cant control my emotions in front of everyone.

4. What are your dreams for next five year?
i want to learn each and every thing like learning many musical instruments, sketching, dancing, and writing my own novel.

5. Who has been the most influential blogger you follow and why?
it is wandering violet case she writes so beautifully and was the first one with whom i became so much familiar on wordpress.

6. Tell something about the place you come from and how it is different from other parts of the world?
i live in india in a state called rajasthan. it is beautiful. with a beautiful people. our tradition and culture is very different from the rest of the world. people are conservative yet very helpful. girls are not given much freedom yet we our loved very much.

7. Are you religious and/or superstitious? What are your beliefs?
no i am not. i am truly secular

8. What is your favorite sport? If no sports, what do you like as your favorite hobby?
i love playing basketball, reading, writing, listening to music watching TV

9. What is the importance of education as per you?
it’s the path where there is no final point. the path itself is the prize.

10. How is internet changing your life? Do you see it as a threat?
most importantly i am here because of internet where people from around the globe are reading this which was never possible without internet.
i dont see it as a threat cause oneself decides how much priority one has to give it in his/her life. you control it not the counterpart.

11. What is love according to you? Is there anything like eternal love?
yes , there is eternal love and it can be with anyone, love is something that make you feel complete and in someone’s presence you experience the eternal joy which can’t be experienced with the worldly things or money .

I would like to nominate following bloggers.
apeksha bhandari
deepak chandran
apeksha C

my additional questions are
1. how will you try to change the world?
2. how is your relationship with your family and friends?

With this, I would like the nominees to answer the questions that I have answered in this post.

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