Time To say Goodbye

I feel so choked while writing this. With teary eyes. With shrunken and wrinkled heart I have to. I have to say goodbye. For time being I have to leave behind fb, WhatsApp, WordPress and may be my happiness too.
There are times when life demands sacrifice and we have too fulfill its wish. To gain something. To learn something. Or just a mere sacrifice for the sake of nothing.
As I am continuously performing bad and just can’t handle the way I am taking things. I need to think what I want. What I need. As the times are going a bit tough. It becomes harder for me to understand life and its rules. With  degrading grades, relationship losses, people moving out of life and a heart filled with loneliness, I say goodbye. A bye for the sake of my wellness. A bye with a hope that the next time when I write I am happier, more successful and at peace. I will miss my blog. I will miss my readers. I will miss WordPress.
Thank you so much for being there when I needed you the most. Thank you for those inspiring and concerned comments. Thank you for encouraging me always to write more and more. Thank you all my fellow bloggers. You all have a very special place in my heart. Take care.

Let the journey to sunshine begin.


A new name for my blog

Hello friends! After seeing so many good blogs with very good blog titles, I am thinking to change my blog’s name. I want something unique and eye catchy. Something out of the box. So I want all my fellow bloggers to help me out with this.
If anyone has any good idea regarding it kindly comment your suggestion. And if you think the current name is already a good one, please let me know.
I am eager for your responses. Please do comment your suggestion.
Good day:)