Time To say Goodbye

I feel so choked while writing this. With teary eyes. With shrunken and wrinkled heart I have to. I have to say goodbye. For time being I have to leave behind fb, WhatsApp, WordPress and may be my happiness too.
There are times when life demands sacrifice and we have too fulfill its wish. To gain something. To learn something. Or just a mere sacrifice for the sake of nothing.
As I am continuously performing bad and just can’t handle the way I am taking things. I need to think what I want. What I need. As the times are going a bit tough. It becomes harder for me to understand life and its rules. With  degrading grades, relationship losses, people moving out of life and a heart filled with loneliness, I say goodbye. A bye for the sake of my wellness. A bye with a hope that the next time when I write I am happier, more successful and at peace. I will miss my blog. I will miss my readers. I will miss WordPress.
Thank you so much for being there when I needed you the most. Thank you for those inspiring and concerned comments. Thank you for encouraging me always to write more and more. Thank you all my fellow bloggers. You all have a very special place in my heart. Take care.

Let the journey to sunshine begin.


41 thoughts on “Time To say Goodbye

  1. Take care, Vyas. You have your priorities right. No matter how alluring this virtual world, the real world is the one you live in. Set your priorities for that world rather than this one. Good luck to you. My best wishes are always with you. Take care.


  2. It is sad for me to see you going. As I read your posts. You write with emotions.
    As you said, people left and leave you with nothing. I just wanna tell you that it is good for you to be detached as soon as possible. Everyone’s playing their roles in our life. When they are done with it. They left. I took 19 years to learn this. But I’m detached now. 🙂

    We’ll miss you, I’ll miss you. Do good with whatever you’re doing. we love you too. I’ll be hoping your comeback soon. All the best Rakshanda. 🙂

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  3. Rakshanda, hope this break is not solely because of the grades.(Boards are around that’s why quoted).
    Wish you luck & happiness. The good part about life is, in the end everything gets fix, happiness is just in the next box you will be opening.
    Cheers, Smile!! 🙂 🙂

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  4. All of us need sometimes in our lives a break. Break from everything to get understand some things and ourselves. You will find you peace and then you will come back. Keep this account because here are some people who will look forward to see you again and who really care. Blessings!

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  5. Dear time is not to say Goodbye if you are good girl then do strive with life we can’t live life alone some folks have value in our life without any reason.
    I read first time your blog tears begins to start from my eyes please keep writing continue

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  6. So sad to see you go and wish you be back soon. Please Know that with time things will be better, when i was a teen, i used to be confused about life too. Tbh just do what you love doing and believe is right . Life is too short to be sad. so be happy, sacrificing your happiness will most likely result in regret. I hope you stay happy always. I wish you all the very best for your future. Keep smiling always dear and take care.~xo

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  7. All the very best Rakshanda…Life is hard but just stay strong, and have faith in god everything will be fine!
    Wish you good luck, health and happiness…God bless, Take care my dear, and come back soon!

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