Many thanks ABHIJIT for nominating me for the Future Challenge.

Here are the rules…

Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

Thank you Abhijit for your nomination.

Link back to the challenge creator, Dreams and movie screens so they can track your progress.
I don’t have the link of the Challenge creator.
Share 5 things about your future( any five things about your future ). Then one day you can look back and find out how psychic you really are.
 I am really excited to write this. This is like going Back to the future 😉.
1. Short term goals..
To be happy. To reach 1000 followers on my blog. To know what i really want to become in future.

2. Travel..
firstly i want to go to DISNEYLAND. It is my childhood dream and then every place in this universe.

3. Long Term goals
I  want to become a scientist, an asset to the society, a social worker, a writer and want to make my parents happy and proud
4. Ultimate Future Goal
My ultimate future goal is to do a breakthrough research and to write my autobiography.
5. Unleashing crazy thoughts
 To become a fairy and prime minister of INDIA and then punish every guilty soul with my superpowers and make this world sin free.
Here are my Nominations…


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