Studies And Distractions

Dear studies,
I have always loved you. I loved that smell of a new chapter, a new concept. Every question solved gave a feel good feeling. Every theory proved, had its own  sense of achievement. Every new article written made me feel like Shakespeare. Every new story gave me a whole new world experience. Every new reaction done was a new mystery solved. I always loved your company. I really did. But now when I need to concentrate more, why are you drifting away.
I need you dear. Need you badly. But why are you constantly loosing war from my mobile. Why fb, WhatsApp and Instagram are overpowering you. Why is my emotional side has become your new found enemy. Why every little thing makes you go away from me. I need you dear. Need you badly.
I again want that passion back. I again want to smell those new chapters. I want to play with you. I want to spend time together. You are my best companion. My best love. Come back to me. I request. Please. Don’t be so merciless. I am waiting. And always will. Till you again let me touch you. Feel you. And explore you.

Your love,


20 thoughts on “Studies And Distractions

  1. When you find the answer to this problem, you should write a book because it may just make you a million dollars. We are a society that has built hundreds of tiny distractions keeping us from being productive in life. The majority of people are in the same boat. Too much instant gratification and voyeurism. Please let me know if you find the answer. 🙂

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