The Lone Wolf


When your best friend finds a new best friend and you feel like a potato. When the person you thought will always have time for you, apparently doesn’t. And the lack of pouring out your feelings make you sick. You realize the meekness of your flesh and blood. Your human nature.
Always being an extrovert I had too many friends but a few to call the special ones. Even relationship with parents was more sort of respect rather than of openness. In initial years of my life I had my school(the good old happy school). Never thought that loneliness will ever touch me. Being hyperactive, participating in every activities, excelling in studies, Everything was just perfect. Simply perfect. But then it all got over. I graduated from school. Life of competitive exams commenced and my life as a LONE WOLF started. There was no school to make me happy. So I got emotionally dependent on few people (my parents not being a part of that group). The ones who will always will be special to me but the vice versa in ambiguity.
Going through severe ups and downs this LONE WOLF became stronger and stronger yet weaker and weaker. Those special ones still exists in my life but at some other end. I still crave for their company and again the vice versa in ambiguity. When the lows continue for a bit longer their name still pop up first. I pick up my phone. Dial their number or  try to text. But my decreasing importance in their lives make me rethink. Although, I give them full right over me yet my right over them is still a mystery. I can never blame them for my own sadness nor can I leave them. I can just wait. Or just give this LONE WOLF a more lonely diet. Never thought people can also give withdrawal symptoms. These hilarious situations in my life may never end but someday I surely will. And I hope that till that day I Learn to not to be a potato.
This LONE WOLF has learnt how to not manifest its pain but never learnt to learn how to alleviate the pain that this pain gives.


8 thoughts on “The Lone Wolf

  1. Hey there Lone Wolf, it is not as strange as you think to experience this kind of separation and feel like a “potato”, People will come and go in and out of your life, that is how it works. They bring with them a breath of fresh air, a new idea, a spark of laughter, and then move on and leave space that someone else will come along and fill and help you learn something new about yourself. The Lone wolf mentality can make you feel strong, we all are taught that we are separate and working on our own “play” in life, but the truth is that we are all connected. Thanks for the thoughts today, you should definitely write more and share the insights you have. They will make the world a better place. 🙂 Here’s to hoping that you find your pack before too long.

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    1. Thank you Jonathan for those precious words. You are right that we all are connected and have a special role to fulfill in each others life.
      I guess blogging will be a lot of fun when people like you take initiative to read my blog and beautifully write what they feel about it.

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  2. Start with a Hi. Just a hi to someone who once was there for you. Don’t tell about yourself, don’t flood your friend with your worries. Instead bask in everything that has happened to your friend.

    I wish I could tell you it gets easier vyas. I wish…..

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