I Don’t Want A Daughter


It is terribly insane to even imagine holding a daughter in one’s arm. How it can be magical! For God’s sake, which intelligent man on the face of this earth wishes for a daughter. It’s a nightmare. A curse. And those who does are IDIOTS. Sheer IDIOTS. MORONS. Emotional fools. Everyone knows a daughter is a disgrace to the family. They have no right to be born. Neither rich nor poor desires them. Then how can I? It’s a shame even if I think of her. A TABOO.

Her suffering will start at the moment she will be born.My daughter would literally cry after seeing her father cursing the lord. Even though that will occur only once but that will be inevitable. Society will never welcome her in the way they would have welcomed her brother. There will be a little celebration or none. She will again cry after hearing her aunts saying, “a boy would have been far better”. These lines might be never uttered again but never forgotten.
She might not get education in the school she wants. She might not be allowed to dress as she wants. She will have no rights to laugh or speak loud ( girls of RESPECTED families doesn’t behave in such a way). She may get some love but FREEDOM, don’t even imagine that. While growing up she will bleed. She will cry. Me too. We will have no choice. Her father may want her to study well but never allow her to take the path which she wants. The way will be decided by him. Now it will not be lack of love but lack of trust on others.
She will be TERRIFIED and HORRIFIED of those OTHERS her entire life.
She will feel insecure at every place in this universe. Lewd comments and teasing will be part of her daily routine. She will be conscious every time. While Travelling. Studying. Walking. Eating. Drinking. Sleeping. Talking. She will always be a responsibility. A liability. Her life will be restricted. It will be her sole job to take care of her family and the house.

That feeling of OUTSIDER will prevail throughout. Her own house will belong to her parents. The new one to her inlaws. Basically, she would die homeless. People have a 2 parts of a name. She will have only one, cause the other one will first belong to her father and then her husband. She will take responsibility of all the members of her house, leaving herself. She will carry on stupid rituals for her father, brother, husband, son. Her in laws will want her to carry on with a job while handling the entire house. Her husband may not be loyal to her but she necessarily have to.  It’s her DHARMA and KARMA. The other and the most important reason for her in laws to allow her to live in their house will be to bore them a son or else the whole point to let her live there will be in vain. And again she will wish I DON’T WANT A DAUGHTER.


12 thoughts on “I Don’t Want A Daughter

  1. You aren’t old enough to understand this but I’ll try.

    The girl or the daughter can either accept her fate or fight through it. She can say no to the aunt who says boys are better, she can slap the teasers and teach them a lesson.

    She already knows her life is her own. She just has to take it, cause no one will give it to her like we boys are given.

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  2. agreed …most of people act and think in dat way …
    gender equality is d main issue in dis nation .
    where as sexratio is going down in many stats lyk haryana and rajsthan …govt shd think abt it .
    although lots of laws and act and policy are started by govermnt bt ….still some person think dat ..v r celebrating durga puja and navratra ..bt in india no girl can walk in mid nyt safly…dere is no ryt to confine girls freedom upto kitchen ….
    for boys and men
    that small thing in ur pant will not makes u man
    so raise ur mentality abt gals not ……….#@##@@

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  3. Very powerfully written. I was reminded of a passage from the 1920s American novel, Great Gatsby. Daisy, the female lead character, tells her cousin of what she said when her daughter was born. She’s commenting on the lower position of women in that time in America. “I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

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