How I Met My Perfect Teacher Part 2


It’s not about when we met. It’s not about where we met. It’s about why we met. And It was to make me believe that yes I deserve my perfect teacher. It was to show me that yes this kind of relationship still exists. Duration doesn’t matter because each moment in the presence of your hand on my head was heaven to me and I won’t decrease its divinity by measuring it in the frame of time.

If you are reading it sir believe me that I trust you more than anything else. You were perfect at your job. Stern when I was lazy. Supportive when I was low. Appreciative when I needed it the most. You were there in my small failures and little achievements and now if I win there is no doubt you’ll beg a big part in it. God forbids if I fail, you will still be my perfect one cause I will be solely responsible for it. I will never stop respecting you. I’ll never stop trusting you. I’ll never stop believing in you, no matter what. Even if you forget me. Even if you stop believing in me. But I know this day won’t come. Because I know I am special to you. No doubt Not more than you are to me.
Going back to the day first time I saw you, 25 May, I never knew you’ll be so important in my life. But when our first class got over I knew there is something special about you. Something very special. I could see that light in your eyes when you taught. That passion was extraordinarily attracting. Anyone could make out how much you loved being there. You won’t believe your childish laugh made me repeat it at nights to come by, leaving me insane in my sisters eyes. That different way of teaching in that weird accent along with the dignity of a teacher made you stand out of the line. You were simple. In no way boastful yet had that charm of a perfect teacher. That was the day you first succeeded in making your place in my diary. Your innocence touched my heart. For many days coming by I imitated your accent and the way you talked. No teacher before it had fascinated me so much.

I still remember on that first day I gave answers to certain questions and was active throughout the class. I knew you were noticing me. By the way, I  was doing the same thing:roll:. The next day went all same but my interest in you grew stronger. I again laughed on your accent yet respected the way you taught. The class got over and so does the coaching. Outside the gates I was waiting with my friend for her father to arrive. Out of no where you came and smiled to me for the first time. I can’t tell how happy I was. That smile was so enchanting (I didn’t know why). I felt my day at coaching had a perfect ending. But then, There was much more to it. You came near me and appreciated my activeness in the class, took your vehicle and went away. You don’t know how special you made me feel that day. I had been appreciated many times before but this time I felt special. I didn’t know it was just the starting. You went but I remained in that moment for a very long time. Even while driving back home it was the only thing occupying my mind. The entire day I was in that effect because somewhere I had started considering you one of my best teachers in just two lectures. Even I was surprised by the uncanny way I started respecting you subconsciously. I didn’t know two lectures were enough for you to make a place in my life.

PS. If you are reading this please let me know sir. I will feel this blog post has completed its purpose.


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