How I Met My Perfect Teacher- Part 1


Never thought that I will write this. Never thought I will experience what I am about to write. It was just a dream, a wish that came true too soon, too easily that it make me feel unworthy of it. This kind of trust, this kind of respect other than my parents was next to impossible. Yet it came true.
I always fantasised (I guess since 7th),me being in a truly pure relationship with my guru after watching Chanakya( Indian super teacher about whom I wrote an article an year ago). I wanted that one person who will be my true mentor, my shining star. I thought and wished about it so much that even God couldn’t deny my prayers. But as it is said that your wishes are granted in the most unexpected way, same goes to me. I found him(my perfect teacher) where I never expected him to be. And now he shares a very important place in my life. He is more than a teacher. He is my guru, my friend, my big brother that I always wanted to have. He knows me. I know him(as far as I know). And I guess our relationship is far beyond one’s imagination. I always knew certain people are meant to be in your life because they had to and now that I live that theory I realise how true it is. Somethings are best undescribed cause their feel leaves you speechless.

All this started after my 10+2 exams. I was unwilling to join any coaching classes as I was not sure I wanted to become that professional that those classes claimed they’ll help me to become by letting me clear certain exams. I was in a doubt. After a deep thought and friend’s push I decided to join. I never knew here I will meet that one person whom I always wanted to meet. Whom I always wanted to respect and trust so much that even Jesus’s own disciple may feel envy of us.
The day started well. In the first two classes I was very impressed by the teachers. Especially the 2nd one because I had heard so much about him from my friend that I exactly knew how he looked and taught. Then it came the last class. I was unaware of what future upheld of me in the very next moments. A young looking man(much older than me yet too young to be a teacher) entered the class. Tall, fit, specky, clean shaved,dense black hair, with microphone on his lips and a speaker attached to his belt. My first reaction was,
“OMG! he is one of those college going lads who just teach to earn a little money. Will he be able to teach us that well?”
With this question and this thought a new phase started in my life,  a very enlightening phase.

PS: afterwards I gotta know that he was much older than I thought, a father to a child and a very focussed teacher.


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