AIPMT part 2: The Rise Of The Vampires


This sequel to the past year’s horror comedy ‘AIPMT’ has certainly raised it’s standards phenomenally, leaving viewers awestruck, giving them the ambivalent feeling of gloom and humour.
The aipmt aspirants are back with their story of success, defeat, hard work and emotions but now they aren’t humans anymore. They are the innocent vampires who suck their own wishes and desires. This year they started their journey after their first defeat thinking they would definitely crack Aiims this time but they didn’t know what the future awaited for them. To their surprise and bad luck rpmt made it’s comeback within a month, giving some a sigh of relief and to others tear of defeat. Being 2 months late in their new excavation the start didn’t seem to be perfect yet they moved on as wanted a second chance too badly. The months came and went and they saw a new dead person rising inside their body. A vampire one of its own kind who only hurt himself seldom showering his rage on others. As the new theory goes on that the emergence of the vampire within you intensifies your good and bad points, same did happen with these kids becoming adults. FB, WhatsApp, twitter and Instagram craze was on it’s zenith. TV was the soulmate. Call duration with friends raised from 15 min to 2 hrs. Dislike for studies grew strong and strong with the passing months. Social appearances reduced and these vampires forgot the glare of the wedding lights.
Coaching industry made a lot from these new bee vampires but the fact that they helped them a lot can’t be denied. They were the only places where these transforming kids rejoiced their existence. Teen age started showing its going down temperament like the October heat.
All those things that they could resist all through their teenage now seemed to be inevitable. Sleeping sickness syndrome must have evolved around these creatures where the tse- tse fly must have got it’s first venom from the half blood of the walking dead.
Pressure grew to intensify and eventually it broke all it’s records. Unusual medical conditions became much common. Everyday a new symptom. Expectations from teachers, parents, family just made the situation worse. Those students who loved studying now found a new aversion due the fear of failure. The days just passed in their coffins.
This movie isn’t all about the gloomy picture of it’s actors. There is much more to it. Hysteresis of these vampires kept on increasing. PJ were the only source of entertainment. Teachers helped a lot by making their contribution. Even birthday celebrations of their dear teachers brought a wave of happiness and enthusiasm in their lives. All those teacher’s day preparations gave something that only their school could give, a meaning to their life, that they too are needed somewhere for someone.
This year made them cry, laugh, mad, sane and mature. They grew up. They saw how people react to certain situations. How they react and handle. This year either made them believe in that supreme power or just widened the gap. They still don’t know whether they will gain their humanity back or not but they are sure that now they are more tough than before. New friendship, new relations made this year a special one. They lived an entire life in just an year. Gaining wisdom along with knowledge.
May be the director (god) want more parts but the actors (students) want a farewell so that they can act in new movies with different genres. Being versatile and more confident.
I just hope the end gives happiness not tears in the lives of these innocent vampires because you all deserve happiness after the hard work of an entire year. If the end didn’t seem to go your way, leave it and make your own way, where you are happy and give your best. Remember you all are special. You all have a reason for your existence. Just believe in yourself and your destiny because it never give anything less than you deserve.


7 thoughts on “AIPMT part 2: The Rise Of The Vampires

  1. God that one year!! Boards, entrance exams!! CRAZZYYYY….. but trust me that one year becomes the story of your life in next four years of college. Every six months with new semester…..its like history repeating itself!! Same stress same house confinement….. Only more frequent!!

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    1. I know. I still feel that anxiety, nervousness and excitement. It was the first time that I had faced so much simultaneously. I know same story will be repeated again and again. Just hope for a bit new in future✌

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