AIPMT(all India premedical test) part 1 -a movie without a trailor


At the risk of sounding negative, this movie wasn’t even a bit less than the scariest movie of this world. At the risk of sounding positive, I still have 2 more movies without trailers to go i.e. RPMT and AIIMS [Movies without trailers because they are the 1st exams after boards without any prior face-offs]
This movie starts 3 days before the main day when you go to your tuition the last time. All your teachers try to motivate you by saying that selection isn’t a ROCKET SCIENCE. However, the very next moment when you realize they have even a slightest of the expectations from you, that NOT THE ROCKET SCIENCE thing seems to belong to some other planet. Your friends announce 2 punches from each as a gift if you get selected, along with a demand of party. Moreover when they say that your selection is confirmed, you feel like banging their heads to the wall because you think that the more you talk about something the more it gets away from you. Their words add to your misery. These are the first signs of your over superstitious nature which especially emerges out during this period. The entire day you are not able to study because your teacher’s expectations burden weigh heavily upon you. It strikes on you repeatedly as if tides hit the shore each time with more intensity. Everything seems to be black and endless just like in the movies a dejected person feels.
The next day you compose yourself and try to study but till the day ends the situation worsens because now you have more expectations coming from your parents and family, where each one of them thinks you are the best student and no one can touch your level. You again face a big dilemma over the selection of the books to carry along with you. After wasting 2 hours of pondering you finally decide to take all of them.
The next morning you have your train at 6 to catch as the centre comes in another city. Basically you are excited because it’s your 1st time that you are going out somewhere to give the exam but in reality you are unaware of the future challenges. When you arrive at the station, swinging your hands around, with your dad besides you, what you see is a station full of young lads with bags on their shoulders in the same situation as you are. From here, the struggle begins. As soon as the train arrives there is myriad of students pushing each other to get onto the train. The reservations seems to be futile because you san even a little space to stand. In that scrunching heat somehow you reach your station and then the hotel in the middle of the main road. You are happy on getting the window room but soon you realize your happiness is not worth it because continuous voices of horns of different intensities and patterns pave a path of hindrance in your studies. The streets are full of students roaming around. Even a pastry on that day make your stomach upset. The entire day you are in your books. Suddenly your best friend calls saying she can’t study because of tension. You feel helpless and funny at the same time, thinking you both are so alike. You still try your best and study. At night you can spot your classmates, tuition mates and friends of friends on the streets. The night before the exam doesn’t let you sleep even for few hours.
On the day of climax, as soon as you wake up the first thing you do is pray, Butterflies in the stomach is the most common symptom manifested by us, the AIPMT affected children. On not getting taxi for 20 mins your over superstitious self comes out again indicating a bad omen. The site of the centre is horrifying where everyone is seen with a book and 4 eyes. Suddenly an announcement regarding the I.D. card you had to bring makes your heart beat run against the prevailing wind because it dawns upon you that your I.D. card is back home in another city. A little leniency calms you down. Once you enter inside the room, there are frequent urges to go to the loo and to drink water because there are 40 min still left in your exam. With great difficulty, you pass that period and you have your paper in your hands. Your hands are shaking and you are sweating profusely.  You may be looking outside the window and enjoying the scenery or you may praise the standard of that school. You do various things involuntarily in your stress. The paper may make you cry or it may make you laugh in madness. It may literally make you remind of your nani who always talk about her granddaughter becoming a doctor. You strangely take 10 min for a 2 min question which makes you more nervous and slowly and slowly reminds you of all the people you know just like it happens in movies when someone is about to die.  A moment comes when you give up but soon you compose yourself and move on. At last, the paper gets over but you are still in the shock. You don’t need water or anything else but there is a strong urge to know how did your friend’s paper go and on getting a familiar answer you get back onto your senses.  Now you know the true meaning of AIPMT i.e. All India Pressure and Mental breakdown Test.

PS: this was written an year ago.


10 thoughts on “AIPMT(all India premedical test) part 1 -a movie without a trailor

      1. Haha true that.I do,too.:P
        But people generally go by my name and slight variations and shortening out here.So, no absurd names for me.(Except for my cousins, who cannot bear to call me by my name much.They invent weird shit,instead.:/)

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      2. Ha ha
        My name is big enough for anyone so people prefer short and sometimes weird names… But I luv these names coz it shows how imp I m to them.. It makes me feel special


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