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My writings are the manifestation of what I imagine. They are the grounds of the UTOPIA where I play my games, the games that are innocent fruits of my Imagination. My fantasy world gives me a chance to think and write what I can’t in the real world. It gives me a chance to be a superhero, with all the possible superpowers. Where my imagination is my super drink and my pixie dust. There is always a satisfaction that, I have enough in my perfect world, where my writing provide that sense of satisfaction.

Writing was never a difficult or cumbersome task for me because each time I did write I enjoyed the entire process, right from popping up with the idea, to the most important part of the process i.e. filling the blank pages of my diary to beautifully say what I want to. I really do love being a bit creative. I love my wild imaginations to run azure on the sands of my writing pad.

In my UTOPIA I would not appreciate the involvement of grandiloquence. Ironically, I myself used it but just to make, one realize the dispensability of the word itself. I want my fantasy world to be pure, full of colours, hope, and creativity. So when I start writing I make sure, that as much as I enjoyed imagining and writing it, the same essence could reach the reader. They too could see what my UTOPIA looks like.

Writing has always been a beautiful experience. When I write it’s the time when I forget all my worries. That’s the time when I really concentrate on one thing as I have no boundaries. I don’t have to put a mask. When I write it’s just me, pure me. I don’t need to pretend someone else. Moreover, pretention was never my cup of tea. At least I can open up have wings and fly.

Since childhood I have been a big fan of watching TV, cartoons, movies which did sow the seeds of my imagination in my early years. I had subscription to many children novels. The icing on the cake was the library in my vicinity. It was just a small, one room library yet it contained thousands of lives in it. The stories of +Mahatma Gandhi, +Julius Caesar made me reach in some new dimensions. Therefore, whenever I was in my fantasy world, I imagined myself as either a cartoon character or a famous personality. Eventually my reading habits got graver. I started reading new writers, famous writers. Got a new point of view regarding everything in life. Every time I read a new book, I took a new step to read myself. My life started taking a new shape. But the interesting thing is I never left my fairy tale world. I still imagine contrasting situations from the real world in my +UTOPIA. Sometimes, I am Aladdin. Sometimes, a secret agent hidden in the mundane life of a common teenager. Sometimes, I am the inception of something big. Isn’t it interesting? That’s why my life always has that grip. And that’s why I LOVE WHAT I IMAGINE. ENJOY WHAT I WRITE.



  1. eeeee ..dere is no require to leave any cmnts ..coz …
    ur thot ..n ur imagination …ur drm world ….
    i think u r crazy to chng dis wrld .
    jo log esa sochte he wo hi kuch bada karte he
    fully impressed ….speechless ..
    world want dreamer
    bt actually world want who puts thots into action …..
    best of luck keep it up

    salute to u

    Liked by 1 person

  2. srry ..m nt going to write any blog …bt i can hlp u …
    if u dont mind ..ha me bhi kabhi kabhi ..likhta hu .,
    bt me tumhe kuch thot bataunga tum unme kuch …extra add kar k ekdum ..maxt wala bana dena ..i hope …people would like it …
    can v frnds …..just a frds ….only fo making our drm world

    Liked by 1 person

  3. eeee
    kuch lines he ..
    log khte he work hard …
    no me khta hu wrk smartly …
    coz gadha bhi hard wrk karta he

    5th stndrd k boy se agar pucha jaaye ki who was… d bhgat singh …wo nhi jaanta bt yo yo honey singh ki bad rape usr muh pe hogi lolz


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