Spectacular Spec-tacKlers

While passing by a street or just peeping through the narrow openings of the windows, one can observe many like looking things, I mean humans, highly categorized. Amongst whom a new clan has arisen, lavishly making their way through the crowd, THE SPECTACULAR SPEC-TACKLERS, the specs bearing new organization.

These are ordinary people with extraordinary looks, gifted by our modern technology. No one is now afraid to be called as four-eyed creature. It has become a style statement. With varieties of frames and lenses available at every corner of the world, people have started enjoying their lives as CHASMISH. Everyone remembers that melodramatic moment of our childhood, we busy enjoying our vacations watching cartoons and our father’s saying us, “Beta stop T.V. now, you know too well it’s excess will end you up with a pair of glasses. No one wants to marry a half blind person.” These words might have caused a natural fear. After 15 minutes we were back to our original track. I can’t even remember when did that tradition stop. May be our fathers too got aware of this superclan.

Don’t you dare to be stuck in the limelight of the former word of the title. The latter manifests the real misery, pain and struggle of our SPEC-TACKLERS. That’s where the word has originated, tackling these gizmos their entire life. No matter how one looks, constant presence of a pair of glasses, steals your privacy. Many times, picture perfects are sacrificed in the hands of multiple reflections from multiple corners. Just an hour without specs can make the eyes look terrible [terrible as in, like that of tribal]. Dark circles and puffy eyes are the additional self-imposed curses. Watching those dark marks at the sides of the nose can be seriously traumatic. That moment, “Oh, oh no, a picture, let me whip off my glasses” can be extremely awkward. Roller coaster rides are ruined. In rainy days eye wipers seems to be the only gospel solution. Didn’t forget to mention those, ‘sunglasses over real glasses’ move. Finding a perfect frame feels like a magical Cinderella moment, until you see the prize.

May be our fathers were right. Seriously? Nah!!!!!! We all are kinda fond of them. All the SPECTACULAR SPEC-TACKLERS you really are spectacular not only cause you look fab, because You never let us feel that clumsiness, still making your way through the crowd.
NOTE: Though I am not a spec-tackler, all thanks to my friend’s experiences and some good sites that I did it.

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7 thoughts on “Spectacular Spec-tacKlers

  1. Very good. At last some dis looked at “Spec-tacklers”. They were really the most teased ones…
    But a very nice and a humble gesture can definitely be coming from you only.
    I am very proud of you. Yeah and in case you forgot you are SPECTACULAR, not Spec-tackler.

    Liked by 1 person

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