The Beginning

To begin with, writing a blog in the first place can be an out of the box thing because no one in your vicinity knows the word really exists. After listening to people’s continuous appraisals on how good you are when you write, you too realize the need of your views to be heard at a larger level. And one day, after finishing up with your annual exams and all your entrance tests, you finally decide to give VOICE TO YOUR DREAMS. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy. You lack even the support of hay. With Google being the only help you have, you take up your initial steps to start a blog. At level zero, you are really a zero, knowing nothing of the technical issues. A feeling of return to the first class of kindergarten comes with an only difference that now you are willingly doing it. You are so much into it that you skip all your meals and work except the constant scolding of your mother that how you ignore her for the mere computer. No one knows what you are up to. You too are unaware. After several hours of intensive studies on Wikipedia and other sites where everyone comes up with their own notions of what a blog is and how to write it, you have a username and your blog’s IP address. You think you did it. In reality your blog in no more than a blank web page full of ads which were not first mentioned[may be in the terms and regulations…….who reads them!]. It’s dull with no colours. You get disheartened. So, for a weak you forget that you spent your precious time on a word named BLOG.
Then a day comes where your constantly nudging conscious tells that you have some undone work and you decide to complete it. This time you are more energetic than ever, again heading back to the profound study. Now to start with, you do not know what name should be given to your BLOG and again you spend half an hour. After trying various combinations, you reach your NAME. This really boosts up your confidence. THEME, PICTURES, HEADER, FONT are waiting up for their turn in a queue. Eventually, all the hurdles are cleared and you get your own BLOG. You sense something’s missing. That is the main purpose behind your blog’s origin, your personal views. You laugh at your situation, specifically your self. This is not the day when you would turn back. Therefore, you decide to write your first post which comes automatically and easily cause you just have to write the experience of your journey. It doesnot take much time. You are ready to post, full of excitement about people’s reviews accompanied with a fear of the negligence which might knock at your door. You know, every step taken is taken towards success and that success is of your inner self. One thing is clear your blog becomes an INDISPENSIBLE  part of your personality.


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